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  • Steve Collard


    Steve and his wife Lydia live in Sterling Heights.

  • greg lynn


    Greg and his wife Becki live in Sterling Heights.

  • jim mielke


    Jim and his wife Geri live in Chesterfield.

  • Dave relph


    Dave and his wife Nancy live in Chesterfield.

  • dave thurmond


    Dave and his wife Bonnie live in Clinton Township.


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  • sunny george


    Sunny and his wife Sheeja live in Troy.

  • roy joseph


    Roy and his wife Reny live in Shelby Township. 

  • jeff litke


    Jeff and his wife Beth live in Chesterfield.  

  • greg taylor


    Greg and his wife Jeannie live in New Baltimore.

  • rich thurmond


    Rich and his wife Lisa live in New Baltimore.

mark collard, youth pastor


Phone - 586.873.6046

My primary responsibility is to encourage each of the Jr. and Sr. High School students to begin their walk with Jesus and to fall deeper in love with Him as they experience Him on a daily basis. Other responsibilities are to plan events, lead Bible Studies, teach Sunday School, encourage parents and be available for whatever opportunities arise.

My wife Laurie and I came to Lakeside in 1998, when we were called by the Pastor-Elders and Deacons to come and serve. We had been working with youth and college students since 1978 in a variety of places, from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Central Michigan University to the students at Oakland Christian School to the Remnant (College Ministry) at Shepherd Fellowship Church and the youth at Calvary Chapel of Oakland County. As we have been available for God's use, He has faithfully used us to minister to young people.

We have been blessed to be at Lakeside long enough to see some of our own youth be involved in ministries on their college campuses, attend seminary, lead worship at churches, work with our youth and go on the mission field for periods of time. One of the negative aspects of youth ministry is that you also see some of your students leave the church, and all you can do is continue to pray for them, that God would work in their lives, and that the things they received in High School will become a reality in their lives.

office staff

You can reach our office staff at 586-247-5226

Office Hours are Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Leadership structure

The Bible teaches that there are two distinct offices that are responsible for the care and oversight of the local church (Philippians 1:1). The pastor-elders are responsible for the overall leadership, supervision and teaching of the congregation. The deacons – have a primary role of serving the congregation as ministers of mercy, caring for practical and material needs (Acts 6). 

The pastor-elders have unique responsibilities that are very important to the overall health of the church:

  • Care for the people of the church – like a shepherd would care for a flock of sheep (1st Peter 5:2).
  • Provide counsel to the church and make wise decisions that will benefit the congregation (1st Timothy 3:2).
  • Teach others and protect the congregation from unsound teaching (Titus 1:9).
  • Lead the congregation by example with gentleness and humility (1st Peter 5:3).

Because the pastor-elder board is so important to the overall health of the church, pastor-elders must be diligent in their ministry and also meet Biblical qualifications as outlined in 1st Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1st Peter 5. While all of the pastor-elders must meet these qualifications, it should be recognized that they have different personalities, talents and spiritual gifts. One of the pastor-elders, Eric Messelt, serves as the full-time pastor and receives financial support (1st Timothy 5:18). Several are members of our teaching team while others may work more in the background. It should also be recognized that there is equality among the pastor-elders – there is no senior or chief pastor-elder, and they are accountable to one another. These characteristics of the pastor-elder board tend to strengthen the overall leadership.  

The deacons serve the congregation in the following ways:

  • Identifying and helping with financial and other needs, particularly for widows, the elderly and single parent families.
  • Counting the offerings and approving all expenditures.
  • Establishing policies for the use of the chapel and overseeing the care of the building.
  • Meeting regularly with the pastor-elders to communicate needs and assist in planning efforts.

The deacons meet monthly to review the chapel’s finances and address the items on their agenda. They coordinate “chapel work days” and often are called upon for special jobs around the chapel. They are in frequent contact with each other and other chapel leaders as they fulfill their responsibilities as deacons.

Pastor-Elder Recognition Policy

Deacon Recognition Policy